Will Kits and Discount Legal Services Wills

Some of the most frequent questions we receive by email or over the phone are about Will Kits. My opinion on the topic is not unbiased – as 30-40% of my practice is assisting clients prepare Wills and Powers of Attorney as part of their Estate Plan, and over the years we have been asked to assist Executors trying to administer some very poorly drafted “do-it-yourself” Wills. With this disclaimer in mind, here’s my perspective on the topic.

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For Sale By Owner: Proceed with Caution

There are essentially two options available to home owners seeking to sell their property:

1.     Real Estate Agent Assisted Sale

  • Traditional, full service agency agreement
  • “Unbundled” or discount brokerage/agent service

2.     For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Sale

  • Do-It-Yourself Sales
    • Traditional print/newspaper ads
    • Online advertising
    • Facebook
    • Kijiji
    • CraigsList
  • FSBO “Plus” – Flat Fee service companies will, for a fee, provide basic information, forms, signage and access to their website, or in some cases, to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
    • PropertyGuys
    • ComFree
    • HomeAtEase

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